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Introduction to XML

Introduction to XML - GamesandApps
Welcome everyone, learn the basic things about XML with the help of commonly asked questions.

Question 1. What is XML?
Answer 1. XML refers to eXtensible Markup Language. XML is used for carrying the information and not for displaying it. There are no predefined tags in XML. XML is used to carry data independent of Software and Hardware. XML is a W3C recommendation.

Question 2. How is XML different from HTML?
Answer 2. XML is used to carry the information whereas HTML is used for displaying information.

Question 3. How is XML version declared in a XML document?
Answer 3. <?xml version="1.0" ?>

Question 4. What is a well formed XML document?
Answer 4. In a well formed XML document-
  1. must have a root element.
  2. elements must have a closing tag.
  3. elements must be properly nested.
  4. tags are case-sensitive.
  5. attribute values must be quoted.
Question 5. What is DTD?
Answer 5. DTD refers to Document Type Definition. DTD is used to define the structure of the XML document.

Question 6. What is a valid XML?
Answer 6. A valid XML is a XML document which is well formed as well as agrees to the rules defined in the DTD(Document Type Definition).

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