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Google Chrome Makeover - Chrome has updated

Whoa! A recent major change has hit the giant of Web Browsers few minutes ago. Let's take a look at how my Chrome looks after the update.

Major changes to Google Chrome - 25 September 2013

Some of the major changes are-

  • Google search available on Home Page making Chrome Mozilla look-alike.
  • Apps Page shifted along the Bookmarks bar. You can no longer scroll left and right on your Google Chrome Homepage.
  • Your Google+ profile information being displayed on your Chrome Home tab similar to the way it looks on Google search if you are logged in.
  • Greatly reduced size of the most visited Webpages making it a little difficult to navigate.
  • Recently closed webpages shifted to the drop-down Menu on the top right of Google Chrome.
It can't be said whether it's a good or bad update. It will become clear over time. But every time Google, Google Chrome or YouTube brings in a new update people hate it initially but adopt it and love later on.

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