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About Google Search Engine's new results page

Well, if you have not already seen, go check out the new look of the Google Search engine's new result page. It doesn't looks a lot different than the previous one but it really has changed a lot. Just visit and search anything to experience the change!
If it directs you to local Google search for your country than either it may ask you to go to instead of other search engines like,, etc. or you can go to manually.

After search it will look something like this -
Google Search Engine's Result Page (SERP) - games and apps
Google SERP

Now, a user that visits Google not so often may not find any change at all into the search results page. But i see a lot of differences in there. Let's have a look at the new search results page closely. First of all the most noticeable thing is that the tabs or the search options have been placed horizontally on the top, which were in a vertical row on the left side of the search results page earlier. I find it more clean than the previous view. Also, you get the chance to alter the world view of search results or the personal view. In case of Personal view, you will see the search results tailored according to the sites you have visited before. But in the world view, you will just get the appropriate answers. This worked in my case as well, as i always wanted to see the normal results by Google but i was given the links i already visited. So, i switched to world results in the new Google search results look or theme. Also, i see some not expected things like ads on the search results page. Voice Search, a feature that was seen in limited applications of Google, is now totally a part of the Google search. You can see the mike symbol or icon along the search text field. Click on the mike icon and speak what you wish to search for. The icon is visible on Google Homepage as well as the Google search results page. Well there is one more difference i noticed in the new search results page. Due to the shift of the tabs to top and maybe they moved it a little bit more to left, now there's more space to provide information about popular topics and people on the right side of the search results page. Notice the lot of empty white space on the right side in the picture above. Also, the cached copy of a site will be easily shown with that much space on the right side of the search results page. With all that information about Google SERP's new look, i end this post here.

The online world is changing every second. You may not see the same Google search results page tomorrow. Enjoy while it lasts and adopt to the changes. Follow the blog so you don't miss the next post. Thanks for reading.

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