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Pong game inside your Google AdSense dashboard

Google AdSense 10th Anniversary

Probably you already noticed this cute party look 10 number inside your AdSense account that marks the 10th anniversary of Google AdSense.

10 party look in adsense accountThe '10' party image in AdSense account

Well, it doesn't only says 10 but hides inside a cool Pong game. Clicking on it will take you to another page about the 10 years of Google AdSense, of course you can check that too. But hovering you mouse cursor over it will load a Pong game inside your AdSense dashboard. 

This simple game reminds me of games and interactivity that Google doodles provide on some special occasions. So, Google has given us something completely new to do inside our AdSense accounts as a mark of Google AdSense tenth anniversary.

About the Pong Game

You play this game against computer. The game sort of looks like 8 bit games. The game is dynamic which is the best thing about this game. So, it re sizes as you re size your browser. I was playing for like 1 minute with 0 scores from em and computer because of my high monitor resolution. So, for higher monitor resolutions I'll recommend you re size them to smaller sizes and then play the game. Actually more smaller makes it more fast, high scoring and more fun. Higher resolutions can make it boring. 


Enjoy the game at Google Adsense Dashboard and keep working towards getting more visitors for your AdSense websites. Best of luck for your websites.

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