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All About Androidify


Androidify is a Avatar creating app for Android OS that creates the 'android like looking you' avatar.
You can use the Androidify app to create yourself, your friends or your family.

androidify - black coat

Androidify is available free from the Android market. Androidify allows you to take off the usual green look of the android and spice it up according to your own desires. Androidify allows you to add colors, clothes, accessories and various other cool features you can think off and also lets you stretch or shrink your android to make it more exactly like yourself.

androidify - soldier 
androidify - little girl 
After you are happy with your design created using Androidify, you can set the design as your Contact Photo, send it to a friend or share it. People using the Androidify app use it mostly to create contact photos, as with the huge collection of options available for editing, they can easily design all their friends. Also Androidify is getting popularity with social networking, as you can quickly share your picture to the social networking sites or apply as your Profile Pic. 

androidify - wardrobe selection
 #facts : 1ST  version of Androidify released on 14 Feb. 2011, which got less than 50 downloads.

Now, Androidify has now more than 5 million downloads and still counting.

More versions of Androidify are expected to be hitting the market soon.

Latest version at the time of writing of this article is Androidify version 1.13 for Android 2.1 and higher.
Well, there is more to Androidify. To know you need to experience it, you can download it from this link to the official site of Androidify.