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Why we all need a Dropbox account ?

As the size of data is growing all over the world on home basis or Internet basis, the risk of losing it also increases. Saving a backup to external hard disk or a pen drive may be a fine choice but they are highly vulnerable to viruses and other data destroying attacks. A secure place with no memory failures, no virus attacks and accessible from all your computer and mobile devices is the best possible solution to this problem.
Also, we need to make sure that our data is private and there is no chance of theft. So, many organisations have already developed this thing called as Cloud Computing to facilitate home, office and educational institution users to save their data and access it anytime anywhere with a lot of memory space.
There are many cloud computing services available over internet competing with each other and providing a sort of similar features. Google and Microsoft are one of the major organisations in the race. Many others are also there. But the most widely used and really worth using is Dropbox. Dropbox provides a lot of cool features and very user-friendly environment that is attracting more and more Dropbox users everyday. Dropbox is really easy to get started with and even more easier to use. 
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Now, why we all need account on dropbox? Well, we all have some or many files or programs that are important, that are not available anywhere except our computers or mobile devices. We do not want to lose them all of a sudden because of memory failures or virus attacks. Because reconstructing them from scratch may not be a good idea. Also, you may want to use a file on home computer, office computer and mobile device but do not want to mail it or transfer it because it's a time consuming and non convenient process. If you have installed Dropbox, then you just drag your file into dropbox folder and then it's not only 100% secure, but also accessible from home, office, mobile and Internet. 

In beginning, you get a total of 2 GB hard disk space for use. Of course you can extend it by buying more. But if you want to increase it without spending any money then you can invite some friends to dropbox or do some other small things on their site.

Well, that's enough of talks. The best way will be to test it for yourself. Here's the link for dropbox site. Create your account and never lose your important data again.

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