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Intel's Me Musical

Intel's Awesome new project

a screenshot from Intel me musical - games and apps
Screenshot in the beginning of Intel's ME MUSICAL

Surfing across the web i came to discover a new project by Intel called as Intel's ME MUSICAL. It's tag line says "Bringing your Timeline To Life". So that tells us that it has something to do with our Facebook timeline. Well, it's like a movie or a short video clip that takes in your data from your Facebook profile. The movie starts with your birth date and shows some historical events that happened since your birth till date. I loved the music that played throughout the presentation. But the best part was the integration of the Facebook with the video or the presentation. It is so amazing that it starts with your birth date, shows some buddies born in the same year and shows many other school, college and other random friends inside the video. So, the integration of the video with the Facebook profile is the best part for sure and it really brings your Timeline to life. 

Another screenshot from Intel's ME MUSICAL
Another screenshot from Intel's ME MUSICAL
That's enough of the talks, it's time to try it and have that awesome experience for yourself. All you need to do is to go to their site and allow permissions to access your Facebook account. Well, it may be regarded as an advertisement by Intel but it's worth viewing.

Here's the link -

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