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Java For Mobile Devices

J2ME also referred as Java 2 is the creation of programs for the mobile devices using the Java Programming. As the operating systems and various hardware although similar but differ between the PCs and the mobile devices so the programming does. When we use a mobile application, we generally see Java powered or even if we don't see Java powered it still is!
So, majority of the mobile applications are developed in Java. If we talk about the Java application that we used recently? Then, the most common answer would be a Game. That's correct too, most common use of J2ME is creation of games in mobile applications, but Java is not limited to gaming. It is a small use of it. Using J2ME we can create Internet oriented applications or games also.

Now, let's see the steps for reaching the programming part of Java for Mobile devices. First, you need to learn Java, J2EE that is, Java 2 Enterprise Edition. Java came to be known as Java 2 since the creation of its version 1.2. After you understand the working of the programming to create Java applications, you can start using Netbeans or Eclipse. Netbeans will be easier and faster way to creation of the Java applications. Also, you require Netbeans or Eclipse to work later with Mobile applications. I found Java an easy, interesting and important language to learn. So, it would go fine once you start. Also, Java, Netbeans, Eclipse and other software requirements that you require in your path of learning J2ME will be free and easy to locate on Internet. Also, various official and unofficial sites are very helpful during the learning of Java, J2ME or Netbeans and Eclipse.

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