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Adding Comments to Various Programming Languages

Adding comments in C, C++, Visual Basic and Java

Comments in C++ or Java-

The way to add comments in C++ or Java is exactly same.
Here are examples of a single comment and a double line comment :-

Single Line Comment-

// This is a single line comment. Adding comments does not effects the program. Use 2 slashes for it.

Multi Line Comment-

/* Its a double line comment.
Use slash and asterisk sign for starting and ending the comment like this. */

Comments in C-

The way to write single and multi line comment in C is like this.
/* This is the way to give single line comments. */
/* Well, single line and multi line comments in C are written in the same way.
Write anything in here, it's a comment.
ok it ends here. */

Comments in Visual Basic-

Alright this is how you add a comment to your VB code.
' Yes, a ( ' ) single inverted comma is used and then write your comment in the rest of the line.

So, This is the way by which we add comments to various programming languages. Hope you got the way for adding comments in the language you were searching for.


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